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Email and SMS campaigns made easy

Email marketing is a powerful direct marketing tool employed by large and small companies alike for reaching new and existing customers. Our eMailer service makes email marketing easy - whether you are new to email marketing or an experienced professional.

So Why Use eMailer? Here are just a few reasons...

Easy to Learn and Use

The user interface is intuitive and very easy to use.


Full WYSIWYG (What-You-See Is-What-You-Get) editing interface for campaign creation using your own pre-defined HTML templates. Source view allows you to edit the HTML code for any template directly.

Import Template Facility

Import existing HTML templates created externally. Build your own template library that enables you to store, modify and re-use any imported templates or those created in eMailer.

Powerful, Campaign Tracking, Analysis and Reporting Tools

The integrated campaign management and analytics provide a detailed, real-time picture of the results from each sent campaign and enable you to analyse what is working and what isn't in your sales, marketing and other communications.

API (Application Programming Interface)

eMailer includes a powerful API that enables X-RM to provide custom integration between your eMailer instance and website, CRM and other contact databases so that email address books are seamlessly updated in real-time.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

The same management function can be used for personalised SMS marketing campaigns.

Flexible Pricing

Our straight forward one time license fee can be coupled with value pricing plans for clients with larger monthly volumes and pay per send pricing for clients with smaller volumes.

... or for information about integrating the eMailer service with your internal CRM system, contact databases or website, please click here.

Advanced Features

Data Management:

Segmentation Queries

With eMailer you can quickly and easily build sophisticated, highly effective data segmentation queries – in a matter of seconds.


eMailer includes full bounce-back management, so you can be sure you are data protection compliant. This gives you full protection under anti-spam legislation.

WordPress Blog Plug-in

WordPress plug-in enables you to sign up your blog readers to your newsletters.

Create Your Campaigns:

Edit Your Emails

Point and click design enables you to type text, upload pictures or graphics, insert tables, change typefaces, change colours, delete things you don't like and restore your draft email template back to how it was before.


Turn a standard email into a highly targeted marketing message. One-click operation allows you to add personalised fields to your email templates.

Dynamic Content

Tailor your campaign so different groups of your audience receive different content – depending on how you’ve segmented them – using different offers, images, copy or calls to action so making your email campaigns seriously targeted and response driven.

Triggered Emails

Create unlimited triggered email campaigns based on any data segments and variables you choose from your database to automate your lead and conversion generation.

Auto-Response Emails

Easily set-up auto-responses to recipients who reply to an email directly, to ensure they contact you through the best channel.

Series Trigger Campaigns

Renewal programmes, prospect warming, free trial conversions – any series of targeted multiple communications you want to put in place, eMailer will schedule and send automatically – basically do your email marketing for you!

Custom Event Trigger

There are literally hundreds of 'custom event' triggers you can use to drive your automated campaigns. From customers’ birthdays, to their buying patterns, and expressed preferences, from seasons and holiday dates to life cycle milestones.

Behavioural Triggers

Set up campaigns to fire automatically to targeted individuals who open a particular email campaign or click on a particular link, to maximise the power of your campaign.

Test Your Campaigns:

Inbox Proofing Tool

In one-click see how your email and branding look in over 30 key email clients – before you hit the send button.

Subject Line Testing

Simultaneously test an unlimited number of different subject lines in a campaign and automatically analyse which line is performing the best, then switch the rest of your email sends to that subject line.

Free Test Campaigns

Send unlimited test emails to up to 20 email addresses and preview personalised content to ensure your emails look right before you send them.

Advanced Spam Checker

The advanced spam checker provides a detailed breakdown of how your content and code scored against all the key spam filters in use.

Send Your Campaigns:

Mailing Lists

In a mouse-click you can import or export address books and email lists from and to virtually any software package.

Social Media Marketing

Embed social networking site links in your email campaigns and then report on how many times your email gets shared and posted to these sites. eMailer supports links for 36 social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, mySpace, Delicious and LinkedIn.

Analyse Your Campaigns:


Track your recipients’ behaviour right through to your website and conversion page – with full click path reporting that tells you:
  • Who opened your email
  • Who clicked through to your site
  • Where they clicked on your email
  • Where they went on your site
  • Who ‘converted’
  • Your campaign ROI

Response Geo Mapping

View a hot-spot map showing you where around the world your contacts are opening your emails. You can also select hot-spots on the map with a single mouse click and instantly create geographical data segments.


Quickly and easily drill down into your reporting data and profile your best customers and prospects by:
  • The address books they are in
  • The segmentation queries they are in
  • The dynamic content they are shown
  • Any group of variables that exist in your database

SMS Campaigns:


Send personalised bulk text campaigns to any UK mobile phone number, quickly, easily and economically. Your SMS campaigns are delivered to recipients' handsets with a friendly from name - not an anonymous mobile number - so your brand is protected and your open rates maximised.

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