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Mobile Application Development
for iPhone, iPad and Android

iPhone application development The Apple iPhone transformed the smartphone market almost overnight. It's sleek looks and performance have meant the device has been a "must have" gadget in almost every demographic for both business and personal uses. Although originally marketed as an iPod with a built in phone, the iPhone has come along way since then. With the introduction of the app store and Apple opening it's API to developers, the iPhone now has over 300,000 apps in the App Store.

The versatility, large screen and pocketable power of the iPhone has meant that applications targeting this device have been extremely successful and the Apple App Store now has over 99% of the mobile application revenue share1. In April 2010, Apple released the iPad. With a large 9.7" screen, the iPad plugs the gap between smartphones and netbook computers.

The iPhone and iPad have more processing power than the desktop computers we were using only a few years ago so application functionality on mobile devices can now rival those on desktop computers. Features like 3G data, integrated WiFi and GPS positioning mean internet connected, location aware applications which are always in your pocket are now a possibility. The powerful Safari web browser means we can now create responsive mobile web applications which can be created with a shorter development time than that required for native applications.

iPhone and iPad Application Development
Realtime, location aware applications, developed for your business
Applications which require more screen space than the iPhone can offer are now practical for the iPad. As the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch all share the same iOS operating system, applications written for one device, can also target the others with only minimal modification leading to a single app which can run on all three types of device.

Whatever your requirements, whether it's for a business utility, data collection application, or realtime collaboration tool, X-RM can create an application which solves your needs. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

If you have any particular application or requirements you would like to discuss please contact us.
  • Mobile web applications
  • Data collection and forms
  • Location aware apps
  • Delivery and logistics
  • Surveys and reporting
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Mobile content editing
  • Realtime collaboration

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