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Catalogue Management Systems

Maximised productivity through control of your catalogue data

X-RM specialises in the production of integrated catalogue management solutions for all your digital content. Our catalogue management software provides you with productivity and accuracy in producing your online, print and CD-ROM based catalogues.

The core of our catalogue management systems is a powerful relational database into which product data is entered, updated and managed by engineering, sales and marketing personnel either locally or remotely. The product database supports all electronic and print publishing media. Users can produce print, website or CD-ROM catalogues at any time with the latest data set and product data can be imported from financial accounting or other legacy systems.

If you have a particular data management or production issue for which you need a catalogue management solution please contact us to discuss you requirements.
  • User friendly
  • Productivity
  • Multiple users
  • Tailored flexibility
  • Multi-level hierarchy
  • Version control discipline
  • Export to print catalogues
  • Export to website catalogues
  • Export to CD-ROM catalogues

Core System Capabilities:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Data accessible by multiple Users
  • Security locks to provide "Editor" control of the system database
  • A multi-level product grouping hierarchy e.g. sections, sub-sections and groups
  • Flexible field definitions to support catalogue generation requirements
  • Ability to add new product sections, sub-sections and groups as required
  • Ability to store or tag technical information e.g. COSSH data

Database Export Processes:

  • Output to Quark Express, InDesign or similar DTP software
  • Output to a CD-ROM or e-commerce website

Integrated Online Catalogue and E-Commerce Website Solutions:

  • Integrate with your company MRP/ERP system and provide full e-commerce function for online shopping
  • Provide secure online access to individual users' contract pricing, purchasing and invoices
  • Provide direct access to and from systems like Ariba, Commerce One, SAP, COINS, etc., using XML (Extensible Mark-up Language)
  • Enhanced system-to-system paperless ordering
  • "Punch-out" for e-commerce online catalogue pick up

Productivity Features and Tools:

  • Full search function to aid with data entry productivity
  • Initial database population using your existing legacy systems
  • The ability to synchronise key information e.g. new / deleted products and prices from the company mainframe (ERP/MRP or Finance) on a daily or 'as required' basis
  • The ability to produce marketing flyers as mini catalogues
  • The ability to copy catalogue sub-sections and groups
  • The ability to re-sequence parts, group, sub-section and sections within individual catalogues
  • The ability to handle forward pricing for special offers / promotions
  • Parts are held as one entry no matter how many times a part is used in individual catalogues / flyers. Any time a part is updated the change will ripple through all catalogues
  • Simple diagnostics available (as appropriate) to maintain data format integrity
  • The ability to generate new / changed parts reports
  • The ability to reference (tag) images and drawings in the system database with various file formats (jpeg, tiff, wmf, dxf etc in their respective directories)
  • The integration of UNSPSC codes
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