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Directory Management Systems

X-RM has provided bespoke directory management systems to the publishing industry for over 10 years. Our solutions enable publishers to easily and cost-effectively produce paper directories, online websites and CD-ROM based applications, all driven by a single back-end database and content management system.

Your website will always provide the most up-to-date information, running directly running from your live database, while at any time you can export your data for use in a printed directory or in a custom Windows application or CD-ROM.

Our web-based directory management solution allows publishers to export their data to a wide variety of formats, usually with just a click, removing the production and efficiency issues caused by double keying data.

Directory Management

In most cases, we can also import your existing data into the new system so you can carry on from where you left off.

The application software will be fully customised to suit your requirements. With a bespoke directory management system from X-RM, there’s no need for the interface to be cluttered with functions and options you’ll never use. We’ll work with you to define the user interface and all the functions you really need, so the ones you need most often will be easily accessible.

Many companies still store their information in catalogue pages, or obsolete single user databases. An online, web-based directory management system means you can have many employees managing your directory at the same time, possibly working from home or from multiple locations. As the DMS is hosted as a secure website on Internet, there are few restrictions and limitations for accessing the system, other than the ones you impose yourself.
  • Secure online access from any location
  • Separate access to each part of the system with user role management
  • Visual HTML editor for editing web content (WYSIWYG)
  • Integrated Production Management System
  • Wide variety of export formats
  • Multiple entry types
  • Easy management of reference tables and pick-lists
  • Custom reports enable to you to query your data and produce custom exports
  • Audit trail – find out who made that change
  • Flat Planning system for mapping your content to pages in printed media
  • Integrated system for your customers, advertisers and entry holders to feed their information directly into your system
  • Powered by Microsoft SQL Server and the ASP.NET framework

Single source…

  • A powerful web-based Directory Management System

…many destinations:

  • Interactive online website
  • Printed Directories (QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign etc)
  • Custom Windows application or CD-ROM
  • Microsoft Access or SQL Server database for your own applications
  • Many more – we can export to a variety of standard and proprietary formats

Integrated Web/Print Production Management System

Whether you’re producing a book, website, or CD-ROM directory, the integrated production management system lets you keep track of where you are with updating your directory entries.

A dashboard view (status screen) lets you see an at-a-glance view of the status of each entry. Entry holders (e.g., companies) can update their entry in the directory themselves, using a secure login generated and sent out by the system. Their newly updated information can then be fed back to the database through an approvals or moderation system. The updating process is handled entirely online and by email with no need to send out paper letters to the entry holders.


Our solutions are built using widely used industry standard technologies and our core DMS products are developed entirely in Microsoft ASP.NET and powered by the Microsoft SQL Server database engine.
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