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Standard Online Directory System

X-RM have produced several websites using a standard directory website application suitable for any typical vertical industry portal. This standard platform is an ideal and a proven solution for smaller publishers working on a smaller budget or for larger companies that want to add a value-added directory and advertising channel to an existing online presence.

In this standard application, each company has a standard entry that can be enhanced with 'paid for' elements such as logos, further information (PDFs) and web links according to the preferred model of the publisher. Users can search by company name or by Product and Service category. The result set that appears on each category search can be ordered such that 'paid for' entries appear at the top of the search.

The software incorporates an advertising server that serves banners and button adverts against each main category of the navigation, as well as against each product and service category. The publisher has the ability to control and track the bookings of these adverts by calendar date.

Entry holders (individual companies) also have the ability to securely log on and update their entries. Any updated entry is posted to a holding area for authorisation to 'go live' by the publisher.

X-RM are experienced in building directory sites using this standard template as well as in customising sites to particular industry sectors with unique structures.
  • Search by category/heading or free text
  • Integrated banner/button advert server
  • Content management system
  • Import your existing data
  • Entry pages can have rich content (eg, photos, video and Google Maps)
  • Search engine optimised pages naturally drive traffic to your site
  • Multiple grades of entry profile and an integrated advert server provide revenue opportunity
  • Scalable site architecture means fast loading pages

Deployed clients include:

venuefinder.com, fm-directory.com, theknowledgeonline.com and eventservicesonline.co.uk.

If you have a particular requirement for a custom or standard directory website solution please contact us to discuss your requirements.
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