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Integrated E-mail Marketing

Email and SMS marketing driven from your internal systems

X-RM's expertise and experience coupled with eMailer - our standard email and SMS campaign management service - enable us to provide end to end solutions that maximise productivity and minimise your ongoing email marketing cost.

Whatever your CRM solution, contact management system or other databases used to maintain your sales contact lists, X-RM can provide a custom integration between eMailer and your website or back office systems. The powerful API enables contacts to be updated, added or removed from the individual address books used for specific email campaigns. eMailer can be used for combined or separate SMS marketing campaigns.

X-RM is experienced in providing fully integrated email marketing solutions for clients in a variety of sectors and we would be pleased to discuss any particular requirements you may have.

For detailed information about the user functionality, data management, analytics and reporting capabilities provided in our eMailer service, please click here.

  • Automatically add new contacts to your email campaigns when users submit enquiry forms or register through your website
  • Personalise email content based on data captured in your CRM or other back office systems
  • Send triggered email campaigns automatically when contact data is updated in your CRM, contacts system or web applications
  • Send response driven email campaigns with dynamic content dependent upon inputs or selections made by contacts in your website

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