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Application Design and Development

X-RM is a full-service company specialising in professional website design and internet application development, using the latest proven technologies to ensure reliability and minimise site costs.

Our in-depth experience in e-commerce, database development, content management systems and search engine optimisation enables us to work with you to create the best possible internet presence for your company.

In a world where people increasingly want choice and flexibility, there is growing demand for applications and business processes to be moved online. Internet based applications enable users to work quickly and efficiently, when using shared computers or working remotely, regardless of location or time zone.

Online internet applications have many advantages over traditional Windows or Mac native applications:
  • Speed (lead time): Internet based applications are usually quicker and cheaper to develop
  • Deployment: They are much easier to deploy; in most cases, only a single instance of the application needs to be deployed. This application can then immediately serve everyone that needs to use it through their existing web browser
  • Support and maintenance: The centralised deployment makes the application easier to maintain. Any improvements or fixes only need to be applied once and all users will immediately benefit from the changes
  • Resilience: The application will be hosted on a powerful and reliable application server, often with a redundant spare instance available
  • Centralisation: With all users working with the same instance, they are automatically using the same data. They will see each other’s changes instantly without needing to manually exchange data
  • Backups: With all users using the same application instance, business data is much easier to backup
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