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Content Management Systems

Manage your website content from anywhere, at any time

The greatest benefit of content management comes from moving control of publishing from IT to the content owners or creators. X-RM provides bespoke content management facilities to whatever level required for your website, or we can create your website using proven and fully featured solutions such as Composite C1 as well as bespoke solutions.

Our content management solutions run entirely on the web server, which means there is no software to install on corporate desktops, providing secure remote access outside of the internally secured corporate environment.

A solution can incorporate all the following features:

  • Easy to use, feature rich content management
  • Everything is done through your web browser
  • Administration pages for access to single pages, sections or entire websites
  • WYSIWYG content editing (text, images and multimedia)
  • Blogs and News feeds
  • Custom page templates
  • Advanced customisation and integration with your other systems
  • Expiration and archive dates for each content item
  • Full-text indexing and searching built-in to your website
  • Page-level control of user access rights built-in
  • Commercial and open-source based solutions

Advanced functionality:

  • Multiple site administration - create duplicate sites, then modify templates and content to create unique new sites whilst optimising common content
  • Content approval - allow content from creators to pass through an approval process before appearing on the site. This can also incorporate a full audit trail for legal and compliance purposes.
  • Content personalisation - allow users to express preferences that will present the site to them in a more focused way and notify them of new content in their areas of interest.
For more information on how you can benefit from our content management solutions please contact us.
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